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stolen_humanity's Journal

Matthew Finnigan
12 May
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Alright, listen up.

I am in some ways a crazed lunatic, but in other ways a down to Earth guy. However I like to think that I'm all a down to Earth guy.

I'm a recovering/recovered fur thanks to the enlightenment of someone who shall remain anonymous. I am not all the way there, but if you are expecting furry lulz, I suggest you go to fursecution or something and ask them who the biggest furry retard is.

I am most certainly NOT an otherkin either. I think it's bullshit how some otherkins say "Hey, I'm an otherkin and that's OK, just as long as I'm not a stupid furry". HELLO? You still engage in pretty much the same activities as furries.

Here is why furry is wrong. Furries are engaging on what is called Stolen Humanity. They take all the things that they like about humans and apply it to creatures they like. That's fucking retarded. Otherkin do a similar thing, except kind of the other way. That's also fucking retarded.

I will still be keeping my old LJ active, and not deleting it like a fuck head. It has nothing on it anyways except about how some furry acts like a retard, and asking about what that humorous LJ, Star Fag, had on it, that Aggie decided was too offensive.

Oh, and about that last bit. Comedy Central sucks because it deemed an image of Mohammad too offensive to put on South Park even though he was in an earlier episode. I hate censorship. Hell, FUCK censorship! That is my new motto from now on.

Anyway, go ahead and make fun of me for not being a fur because you're too lazy to find some other fur and make fun of him/her for being one. I don't give a shit. If you want to be a retard about my NOT being a fur, I can't stop you.

Addendum: I have aspergers but I believe myself to be a superior psychologist to anyone I've met and that I can cure myself.

PS: Almost everything I say should be taken with a grain of salt.